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The backdrop - by Steven Pearlstein of the Washington Post    

"...a jihad against all regulation, all taxes and all government, waged by right-wing zealots who want to privatize the public schools that educate your workers... It’s a holy war to destroy it — and one that is now out of your control." 

The Washington Post Article





CIVIL WAR II - The Foot Soldiers of Doom


A coalition of Tea Party devotees, some Republicans, right wing christian fundamentalists, birthers, fascists, rabid homophobes, rednecks, anti-abortionists, pond life, misfits, malcontents and an assortment of batshit crazy wingnuts - all supported by the Supreme Court that has given the green light for the big corporates to fund this bunch of nutters with as much money as it takes. 


This unlikely coalition formed with the advent of the first African-American to become president of the USA - hardly a coincidence. The center of gravity for this coalition is The Tea Party, many of which are self-proclaimed "birthers". This convenient excuse-for-racism term has enabled others to latch on to this core group and by doing so align themselves with people that are outright racist, while these hangers-on can then stand back and pretend that there is some kind of legitimacy to their questioning of the president's birthright.


The coalition are being quietly sponsored and coralled by those that would like to turn the USA into a festering sea of uneducated, illiterate, ignorant and compliant workforce that will work for peanuts and that will have no rights.  


"No tea party is complete without a half-baked alaska tart and so Sarah Palin, the ex half-governer of Alaska, was the obvious choice."  ROBERT E. LEE - THE GOP CHRONICLE






After the above listing of 'targets' was posted, Gabrielle Giffords was interviewed and asked if she thought the poster represented a danger to her and the others on the list.There is a tendency for politicians to try and play down this rhetoric rather than responding truthfully "what the fuck do you think?" when asked if cross-hairs on a poster might incite some rabid slavering nutter to act out their weird fantasies. In the following video her interview was repeated on the day she was shot. Please click the image below to see the video.